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Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is common practice for teens and young adults to have their wisdom teeth extracted to prevent future pain and dental complications. Some of us have experienced a lot of pain from those annoying back molars. To avoid that pain, among other issues, dentists recommend wisdom teeth extractions. Call your preferred Katy, TX, dentists to schedule a wisdom tooth extraction. 

Wisdom teeth are the four large final molars that come out towards the back of the mouth. For most people, these molars have little to no room to grow in properly. This leads to teeth being pressed together and misalignment of your pearly whites. Aside from this, wisdom teeth have also been found as the root cause of sinus issues, infections, and pain. 

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Tooth extractions do not need to be scary or painful. Our experienced dentists at Spring Green Family Dental have completed countless wisdom tooth extractions with little to no pain. Recovery time only takes a few days after the extraction is completed. 

Contact us if you or a family member are suffering from wisdom teeth pain or simply want to avoid any pain that may be coming. Spring Green Family Dental is located in Katy, TX, only a few minutes from Fulshear, TX.

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