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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride strengthens and preserves your glowing smile. Apart from being a natural mineral, fluoride supports teeth enamel and combats bacteria. Tooth enamel protects the crown of each tooth from decay and acid. While tooth enamel is the hardest substance produced by the body, it cannot regenerate, making enamel support vital. Once tooth enamel is lost, it cannot be restored. Luckily, Spring Green Family Dental offers fluoride treatment to our patients in Katy and the surrounding areas for this very reason.

Your toothpaste and even water have fluoride already in it, but it is minimal compared to what is in our treatments. The complete treatment only takes a couple of minutes and is not invasive at all. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends individuals receive fluoride treatment every 3-12 months, depending on each person’s dental needs and history.

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What does Fluoride Treatment do?

  • Supports and protects tooth enamel 
  • Fights tooth decay and cavities 
  • Reduces root hypersensitivity 
  • Can prevent costly procedures from future complications

Fluoride Varnish

At Spring Green Family Dental, we use fluoride varnish treatments. The varnish hardens when placed on the teeth and stays on for a few hours. The process is pain-free and timely. Fluoride varnish is not only convenient and effective, but it is also a great way to strengthen your glowing smile. 

Protecting your teeth and oral health is important to us. Spring Green Family dental provides fluoride treatments to support a long-lasting natural smile. Give your teeth the support they need. Contact us for your next appointment.

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