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Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology in Katy, TX for Better Patient Care

Spring Green Family Dental believe that advanced dental technology helps us deliver better dental care and offer convenience to our patients. Take a look at some of our high-tech equipment below:

Digital Scanner

In the past, aligners and other dental appliances were made using impressions. However, many patients find impression material to be slimy and unpleasant in their mouths. We use a digital scanner in place of impression material. This hand-held wand doesn’t even need to touch your mouth to create precise, accurate 3D images of your teeth and other oral structures. The process is quick and comfortable.

Other Dental Services

Digital Radiographs

Traditional dental x-rays use film that needs to be developed. Digital x-rays, on the other hand, use no film. This technology makes the process faster and more environmentally-friendly. Also, digital x-rays are more accurate than conventional x-rays. Finally, digital x-rays use less radiation than film x-rays, a definite plus for patient safety. Dentist in Katy use portable digital x-rays, panoramic digital x-rays, and intraoral digital x-rays at our office.

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