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Sports Mouthguards

We love that many of our patients live an active lifestyle and participate in contact sports. For these patients, we recommend specialized mouthguards that offer protection for their teeth and oral tissues. Sports injuries related to the mouth can be common. Mouthguards for sports can reduce the risk of mouth injuries. If you or a family member participate in football, hockey, soccer, wrestling, basketball, or any other sport that involves a high level of contact, a sports mouthguard may be necessary. Spring Green Family Dental offers fully custom sports mouth guard options for athletes. 

Mouthguards protect the teeth when impact happens. Most are constructed of plastic and fit over an individual’s top teeth. While dental nightguards help with snoring, sleep apnea, and TMJ disorders, sports mouthguards are built tough to endure the needs of athletes. Their shock absorption qualities protect the teeth, tongue, and oral cavity. Making a priority to wear a mouthguard while participating in high-impact sports can prevent a tooth fracture or a tooth from being knocked out. 

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Sports Mouthguard Options

  • Generic pre-made mouthguards

Pre-made or stock mouthguards offer some protection and are readily available. Their loose fit causes difficulty in breathing and talking. This can make it difficult to communicate with teammates and perform to the best of your abilities. 

  • Boil and bite mouthguards

These mouthguards are made with flexible materials. While they are slightly better fitting than the premade ones, they still aren’t as well fitted as a fully customized mouthguard. 

  • Customized sports mouthguards

Our laboratory pressure-laminated custom mouthguards offer the highest level of protection and a precision fit. The individualized fit allows for a significantly more comfortable experience

Unlike the alternatives, athletes can talk and breathe comfortably. Custom sports mouthguards are an investment that is worthwhile. They are not only more durable; they can lead to avoiding high dental bills that come with broken teeth and other potential injuries.

At Spring Green Family Dental, we can effectively fit and customize a sports mouthguard for every athlete in your family. We welcome athletes and sports families from all around the Katy, Texas area, including Fulshear. Contact us to schedule your next appointment.

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