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Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants are great for replacing missing teeth, they offer similar functionality as natural teeth, and the care is very similar. Similarly, they are also prone to damage like natural teeth. Through the course of life, our natural teeth and implants can be damaged due to injuries, infections, or accidents. 

As a full-service family dental office, we offer dental implant restoration services. Spring Green Family Dental proudly serves the Katy and Fulshear communities.

With proper care, most dental implants last a lifetime. But there are occasions where restorations and repairs are needed. There are multiple components that make up an implant. If at any point one of these components is compromised the implant will need to be repaired. We often see that our implant patients come in with broken or loose dental implant crowns. Our dedicated dental staff will evaluate the condition of your implant and suggest the proper treatment. 

Noticing issues or component failures with dental implants can be a little tricky. While implants work like natural teeth they lack the nerve structure found in natural teeth. This means that when something is wrong, pain may not be felt. That is why it is so important to have regular checkups and exams if you have dental implants. Our experienced professionals will examine your implants and make sure everything is in tip-top shape.  

Other Dental Services

At Spring Green Family Dental, we offer dental implant restorations and repairs. If you are local to the Katy or Fulshear, Texas areas and currently have dental implants, allow us to make sure everything is working how it’s supposed to. Contact us to schedule an appointment for you or a family member.

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