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Bone Grafting

 As part of our restorative dentistry, we offer bone grafting. The procedure replaces bone in specific parts of the jaw. It is required when a patient needs additional support for dental implants that are to come. Our specialized bone grafting techniques at Spring Green Family Dental are effective.

Bone grafting is needed when significant jaw bone has been lost. This usually happens when there are missing teeth or when a patient suffers from gum disease. A donor bone is chosen from another part of the body and is fused together where the jaw bone is missing. Once the procedure is complete, the dental implant will have enough bone to support it. 

Our dental professionals will evaluate each patient to see if bone grafting is recommended. Most patients in need of a bone graft have missing teeth and are exploring implant options. Older patients are usually the ones who need this procedure. But there are some circumstances outside of missing teeth where this procedure may be recommended. Injury to the teeth or jaw may require a bone graft procedure. For this reason, it is best to come in to be evaluated by the Spring Green team. 

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