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My Tooth Hurts!! | Katy Dentist

My tooth hurts!!!

You’re eating something cold (or hot) and you experience this excruciating pain that felt like a prolonged brain freeze. Or perhaps you feel pain every time you chew food. What is happening?

Your tooth (or teeth) may be undergoing one of the several scenarios:

  1. Tooth decay
    • Prolonged exposure to sugar, lack of oral hygiene, and/or poor diet may lead to the weakening of the tooth structure leading to tooth decay. The plaque (a sticky film of bacteria residing on the surfaces of the teeth) absorbs the sugar which then creates acid. The acid by-products from bacteria can cause the weakening of the tooth’s enamel; causing decay.
  1. Tooth fracture
    • A chipped tooth caused by trauma can lead to fracture. Depending on the severity of the trauma, the fracture can range from a minor chip to the whole tooth being knocked out. Fracture lines can propagate. Depending on where the fracture line goes, the teeth may experience pain if the crack line reaches the nerve of the tooth. Sometimes the tooth cannot be saved if the split is unfavorable!
  1. Referred pain
    • Sometimes pain can be perceived to come from a tooth where in actuality, it may not be the case. There may be multiple reasons as to why one may feel like their teeth are hurting but the actual source of the problem may be elsewhere (non-dental related). Some several (non-inclusive) possibilities that may cause referred pain of the teeth are sinusitis, trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ problems, and periodontal problems.

If you happen to need a dentist to evaluate your toothache or need an emergency check-up, visit to inquire about an appointment!