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Nitrous Oxide Dentistry

Most commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide dentistry is a great option for patients who suffer with dental anxiety. Quality dental care shouldn’t come with fear and anxiety. Our dental professionals at Spring Green Family Dental use nitrous oxide as a go-to for sedation dentistry

Nitrous oxide is a mild sedation option. It allows patients to enter a state of relaxation and euphoric state. One of the benefits of nitrous oxide sedation dentistry is that effects wear off quickly. Once you stop inhaling nitrous oxide, the effects stop within minutes, allowing you to safely drive after your treatment. You’ll be able to say goodbye to dental anxiety and hello to a better smile. 

Spring Green Family Dental wants to give you the dental experience you deserve. If you or a family member need sedation dentistry services, nitrous oxide may be the perfect option. Contact us to request an appointment with sedation.

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