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Dental fillings have been used to fill cavities for multiple centuries. Traditionally tooth fillings were metal or silver, making them super obvious within the mouth. While the use of silver fillings was a common practice, there were complications for some patients, such as allergic reactions. Luckily, advancements in cosmetic dentistry have brought us composite fillings made from white-colored resin. This advancement offers a more appealing option without having to sacrifice effectiveness. Spring Green Family Dental provides tooth colored fillings that keep your smile looking natural. 

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What is Composite Resin?

Composite resin is the material used in tooth colored fillings. It is a mixture of ceramics and plastics, making it a durable and flexible alternative to traditional amalgam. If cavities or tooth cracks are an issue, tooth fillings may be the best treatment. The resin is applied to the impacted tooth in layers filling the cavity or crack. Composite resin is also used to reshape teeth or hide discoloration. You may be wondering how long fillings take? Each case is different, but on average it can take an hour or less to complete a dental filling. Maintaining a natural-looking smile has been made a lot easier with composite resin fillings. The procedure can be completed relatively quickly and most importantly, without any pain to the patient. 

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