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Tooth Extractions Katy, TX

Preserving and supporting your natural smile is one of our top priorities. Our general dentistry services allow us to help maintain your natural teeth and keep you healthy. But there are some circumstances where tooth removal is the best or only option. Our dental office provides worry-free tooth extractions, where your comfort is important to us. 

Pulling a tooth can be the best course of treatment for broken teeth that can’t be repaired. Ultimately, this will avoid further complications like infections. Wisdom teeth extractions tend to be the most common and are standard practice. 

Tooth extractions are a form of oral surgery that involves disconnecting the root of the tooth from the jaw bone. Our modern dental technology allows our staff to provide an efficient and less invasive experience. 

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Dental extractions can sound pretty scary and off-putting. We know this can lead to dental anxiety and avoiding a dental office altogether. This is why we make sure that all our patients are as comfortable as possible. Pulling teeth does not need to be painful and can be performed in under an hour in most cases. The tooth being removed will be completely numb, making the procedure pain-free. 

Tooth removal may be necessary for the following situations: 

  • Impacted teeth 
  • Sideway tooth growth 
  • Dental decay 
  • Periodontitis 
  • Overcrowding 

Spring Green Family Dental prioritizes your oral health but never forgets about your comfort. We do everything in our hands to provide worry-free tooth extractions. If you believe one of your family members or yourself may need a tooth pulled, contact us to schedule an appointment.. We proudly serve the Katy, TX, and Fulshear, TX, communities.

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