Custom Nightguards for Teeth Grinders

Natural teeth are built tough to help you chew food. Some of us form a habit of constantly clenching our jaw or grinding our teeth. The toughness and force are applied directly to the teeth when we do this. Doing this can mess up your teeth permanently. Spring Green Family Dental creates customized nightguards that can protect your teeth from wearing down from constant grinding. 

Our fully custom sleep mouth guards are part of our general dentistry services and offer protection against bruxism. Most commonly known as teeth grinding, bruxism wears down the tooth’s enamel and compromises your tooth’s structure. There are many items that can contribute to grinding teeth, including tooth alignment issues, anxiety, stress, and much more. Getting rid of this bad habit is easier as you go through your daily routine. But it is a lot more complicated when you’re sleeping and not conscious that you’re doing it. 

That is why we offer specialized nightguards to protect your teeth while you rest. Preventing damage to your teeth can save you from costly dental bills down the line. Wearing down the tooth enamel can require treatment for infections and decay. 

Stop grinding your teeth at night

The fully custom oral device fits perfectly over your teeth, providing a shield between your upper and lower teeth. Nightguards also help with snoring; most patients report better quality of sleep. Our dentists create unique nightguards for patients on a case-by-case basis to ensure a precision fit. Once your nightguard is ready, it will only take a couple of nights to get accustomed to sleeping with it. 

Have you noticed pain in your jaw or teeth when you wake up? You may be suffering from bruxism. Contact your local Katy dentists for a thorough evaluation. Spring Green Family Dental provides relief for patients who suffer from nightly teeth grinding.

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