Implant Overdentures

As part of our restorative dentistry services we offer implant overdenture options. Traditional dentures are supported by your gums, while overdentures use implants or natural teeth for support. In most cases, they offer increased stability and more comfort compared to traditional dentures. Spring Green Family Dental, we offer implant overdentures to restore the glowing smile you have been missing.  

Implant-supported overdentures have the capability to replace a complete set of teeth. They connect to implants in the gums and offer a secure fit. Most patients feel more comfortable and confident with implant overdentures, as opposed to, traditional dentures. The added security means you’ll be able to enjoy your food without having to worry about a tooth falling out and having an embarrassing moment. 

Replacing your upper or lower teeth only requires a few implants on each dental arch. A common drawback we see with traditional dentures is that they don’t promote bone retention causing the facial structure to change. Inevitably this causes fit issues with traditional dentures. On the opposite end, implants do promote bone density retention. With this in mind, implant overdentures may be the best option for restoring your glowing smile. 

Don’t let missing teeth negatively affect your quality of life. At Spring Green Family Dental, we offer effective treatment with empathetic care. If you’re looking for teeth restoration options in the Katy or Fulshear, Texas areas, schedule a consultation with us. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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