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Dental Radiographs

More commonly known as dental x-rays, dental radiographs provide a clearer picture of what’s going on with your teeth and jaw. Dental radiographs are a form of energy that has the ability to travel through your bones and teeth. This produces an image that allows our dental professionals to have a better idea of what is happening in the mouth. Even the most thorough visual exams may miss problems like cavities between the teeth. 

At Spring Green Family dental, we do not use traditional film x-rays. Prioritizing our patient experience, we use digital radiography machines designed to produce as little radiation as possible while maintaining accuracy. While radiation may be minimal, the impact dental x-rays can have on a person’s oral and dental health is tremendous. 

Other Dental Services

Dental radiographs can help monitor: 

Dental x-rays are vital when looking to detect dental problems early on. The sooner one of our dental professionals can identify a potential problem, the quicker treatment can be recommended and started. If we diagnose and treat problems in their onset, it can lead to mitigating discomfort, saving money, and avoiding more health complications. 

Your extended family at Spring Green Family Dental is dedicated to enriching your dental care experience at every step. Contact us to schedule dental x-rays and exams in Katy, TX.

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